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Consulintel has a broad experience in multiple technologies and the capacity to develop projects and applications.


Consulintel leaded a number of R&D+i (Research, Development and Innovation) projects, specially related to IPv6, actively contributing in developments, demonstators and standardization, among other aspects.


Some of those projects are listed in our IPv6 Projects page.


As a consecuence of our participation on those projects, Consulintel has participated in different aspects and developments related to IPv6:

  • Standardization.
  • Training and dissemination activities.
  • 6meter: IPv6 traffic metering tool, which allows to obtain statistics showing the type of traffic (encapsulated, native, per RIR, etc.).
  • Softwires L2TP CPE: CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) based on open source, in order to offer IPv6 connectivity to an IPv4 network by means of L2TP tunneling with a server connected to the IPv6 Internet.